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We Proudly Offer Certified Angus Beef!

Bring home a Certified Angus Beef brand selection today and taste the best Angus beef ever made. Amazingly tender, incredibly juicy and outstanding flavor…..Uncompromising Standards!

Just the way you like it every time!

Delicious steaks on the grill



Sliced Pork Roast

100% Natural Prairie Fresh Pork, No Additives!

The freshest, leanest, best tasting pork available. That’s our guarantee when you buy Natural Prairie Fresh Premium Pork. You’ll be serving the safest, most wholesome and best tasting pork with no artificial ingredients.

No Antibiotic Residues And No Added Hormones!



Sanderson Farms is 100% Natural Chicken!

What does it mean to be 100% Natural? Sanderson Farms Chickens are 100% Natural beginning with living on independent family farmers who live in the community. The chickens are fed corn and soy based diet formulated by the in-house nutritionist

All of the chickens are cared for in a cage free and comfortable climate controlled houses where they are protected from elements, predators and disease

No Additives, Artificial Ingredients or preservatives!

Delicious looking grilled chicken


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